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That's what any of you seen fresh dates? Not dried, which are always sold in the store, and it is fresh? I first saw and poprobyvala taste. They are round and yellow! And very sweet and juicy! It is so delicious !!! And I love the little apples, we are called paradise.

I go to play sports!

I do not know how to suppress your laziness! Lies a subscription to the gym and swimming pool - and I can not bring myself pushed out of the house and get to it! The horror! All of them! Decided - with the appointment for tomorrow the day I go to play sports!

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rain autumn

We already autumn ... Two days the rain ... So nice to sit in a chair, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and a draw ... The trees have yellow leaves begin to fall ... beautiful! Next weekend I want to go to the Botanical Garden and take pictures.

 But two weeks ago, it was so ...

old books

well forgotten old))

I love to read. My absolute favorites are historical novels, like Maurice Druon, Dumas ... The other day, pawing favorite books, wiping them from dust, and suddenly realized - I have not opened a printed paper book ... all replaced by electronic ... I can not say that it is bad, because in my one ipad placed a library that I can take with you everywhere ... But dammit, how nice to sometimes open the old pages of the printed book and immerse yourself in the history of the world inexpressible, in dreams, in another world. ..And this feeling will not be able to replace any electronic gadget))
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Favorite place!

The first time we were in this hotel in 2013. 'Caught' in the literal sense. Fell under its charm and comfort so that this, in 2014, the choice of where to go is not even worth - we firmly knew that we were only here. We were 5 people and we are all together with the issue of where to go in this year's holiday skazali- only Alara Hotel! And he did not disappoint, as in the past year, we enjoyed the stay and know exactly where to go next time. This hotel is probably not all fit, but if you're into it vlyubites- it for a long time)) ... This hotel is suitable for those who value privacy, tranquility and total relaxation. Those who do not like the feeling of 'newness' and drive, and want to feel relaxed and comfortable - at home. There really is no 'guest' effect. Wonderful, sensitive staff acts as a single tseloe- like family. We were very pleased that this year we have come to know and meet both old close friends. There are great cooks who prepare in our view a wide variety of dishes to suit all tastes. Moreover, they are always in the gym and see to it that like it or not visitors. The waiters are very attentive and unobtrusive at the same time. Cleaning lady - a charming woman, who are trying to not only do their job perfectly, but also endow you with a sincere smile and a small meeting, a surprise in the form of swans, hearts and flowers scattered around the bed ...)) Cleaning and change of towels every day by the way. On the question of security - we are all 'apple freaks', and in our rooms (we always take the way three numbers) is constantly lying macbook, ipad, etc., money, documents - we somehow did not occur to a safe or once in two years, we have not lost and is a bar .... bulavki.Bar our special place ... It is our haven. Cozy sofas buried in the pillows and green ... and our favorite, who became to us all drugom- bartender Ibrahim with his fabulous Turkish coffee ... I do not know, maybe because of the abundance of greenery, maybe because of the well-spaced zones otdyha- but there is no sense of 'the nest', the impression that you're there alone and all the attention and care just for you. Our favorite beach ... It is a small bay with crystal-clear water. We went to a nearby 'big' beach belonging to the same Alara with the sea of people, children, scooters and so on ... But fled from there back into our safe haven)). It's just not ours. We are lovers in this hotel because it is quiet, because there are few people and there are tons of personal relations to all familiar with, because there is no annimatorov and crowds, but instead chirping of cicadas. Because in it you will not find brocade and gold on beds, stucco walls and steep stairs shining. There's no glamor. It is filled with every stone in its history. There instead of marble walls - rough stone sprouting perennial creeping flowers)) there old TVs in the rooms - but in each room are paintings painted in the year when this hotel was just beginning to be built. There's no chrome furniture - but there is a real wooden benches with comfortable cushions. There's no bright little bay boat and scooter with bananas, but there is a wooden boat that the captain (we call it)) had built. This is a terrific person with its interesting history, he taught me at dawn Turkish .Pisal words in the sand ... My husband loved the walk on his yacht in the sea turtles and to the ancient city, the truth is I could not have turned out otsenit- cradles) ) I do not know what else to write in a review - I have all the slips and to the delight of the lyrics ...)) But it's true - I'm just in love with this place, these people will come back and it was there more than once