Happy New Year to all of us!

Each of us in 2014 were their joys and their experiences, their smiles and their tears. I sincerely wish all the people living on our globe, in whatever part of it they are, more smiles, health, peace and quiet of the sky, love, prosperity, good luck! I wish all of that would be if we cry it would be tears of joy!))
Happy New Year to all of us!
Let it bring happiness to the whole world!


food, sweets, yum-yum

That's what any of you seen fresh dates? Not dried, which are always sold in the store, and it is fresh? I first saw and poprobyvala taste. They are round and yellow! And very sweet and juicy! It is so delicious !!! And I love the little apples, we are called paradise.


I go to play sports!

I do not know how to suppress your laziness! Lies a subscription to the gym and swimming pool - and I can not bring myself pushed out of the house and get to it! The horror! All of them! Decided - with the appointment for tomorrow the day I go to play sports!


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rain autumn

We already autumn ... Two days the rain ... So nice to sit in a chair, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and a draw ... The trees have yellow leaves begin to fall ... beautiful! Next weekend I want to go to the Botanical Garden and take pictures.

 But two weeks ago, it was so ...